Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teachers have it easy because they have summers off...

The end of the year is here! Now is the time to catch up on sleep, be lazy about the house, and do nothing. Yeah, right! Really, it will be a summer filled with new ideas, creating, creating, creating, collaborating with my new team and my science department, redesigning my classroom, revamping what didn't work last year, making what I want for this upcoming year, and maybe making a pie or two in between.

I loved my experiences from the past year. I got to teach a 5th grade GT (32/35 labeled GT) math class, a 5th grade Dyslexic/SPED/504 (27/29 labeled at risk for one reason or another) math class, the same two groups for 5th grade science, and a random 6th grade science class in between. On top of all those preps, I am science lead for my school, on the discipline committee, on the reward and incentive committee, on the benchmark writing team for the district, the CBA writing team for the district, curriculum update team for the district, planned a science fair (with two amazing science divas!), planned and held Space Night for our school community, got nominated for teacher of the year (second year in a row, and lost both years to AMAZING teachers), and I did not have any children. That last one was a surprise to many! I like being busy, and I like helping anyone who needs it. I have a hard time saying no to others, but it helps me get more accomplished and see what others do to contribute to our students' education that I might not normally get to see. I got to team teach with one of my best friends, and that made every day even better!
Next year, I will get to co-teach with my friend every day, only teach 5th grade science, and still do all the rest. I might even start a girls STEM club after school. . .

It is reassuring to know that I am not alone in the craziness that is called teaching. There are so many teachers out there in the same boat, and I am proud to share the title of teacher with you. Now, who needs a nap?

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