Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 Birds, One Blog: August Currently and Back To School Goals

I am loving the linkys (click the pictures to join), so I am doing two today in one post, so I will keep my explanations short :)

First, I have August Currently with Oh Boy, 4th Grade.

Here is my August Currently:

Listening: the news is always o at our house in the background. My husband is a police officer, and I think it is just second nature for him to know what is going on...repetitively...7 times a day. Oh, well. I don't mind. Fox 4 can be pretty entertaining sometimes :) I wish I was listening to some songs to sing to since the kids aren't here to wake up as I bust a note (they are loving on Grandma right now)!

Loving: reading all of the posts from fellow bloggers. There are great ideas, motivations and stories to get back on track for the school year!

Thinking: about how great this school year will be. I am so excited about my team, our schedule, Think Tanks, our new batch of kiddos, and my room!

Wanting: some playtime with my kids. We are limited what we do out of the house with a new walker and 105F outside everyday, but we have plenty to do inside, and I can also back out the car and put a pool in it's place in the shade!

Needing: millions of dollars to buy all the things I need to make all the things I have found on blogs, pintrest and TpT (any donations?).

Back 2 School Must Haves: I noticed I forgot to add that, so here.
1. Some Magic School Bus chapter books. I just found out about these, and I need them!
2. Some cute duct tape to wrap my glue bottles (thanks I'm Lovin Lit!)
3. Glitter binder. Need it!

Alright, Back to School Goals Linky with I {heart} Recess.

Personal: I want everything to be perfect the first time kids walk in the week before school to get their schedules. It might not happen, and I need to be okay with that (as long as it is perfect by the first day of school).

Organization: My classroom is wall space challenged. It has buttons and switches and boxes and other impediments throughout randomly being a science lab. I will make it work!

Planning: I like having a few weeks planned at a time so I can focus on all my other responsibilities and wants at work. Week one is almost done, so let's kick it up and get week two!

Professional: I am science lead at my school and I will mentor 2 teachers and have 3 new science teachers this year. I want to make sure they have everything they need to feel confident about the start of the year. I can always wing it if I have to, but I don't want them to have to.

Students: What could we possibly need this year that students will run out of or not have? Sales are for a limited time, and supply does not always refresh in time. I need to anticipate what will be needed.

Motto: I am a positive person 99% of the time. My teammates have seen the smidge of negative, but it is so rare. Am I lying to myself, holding it in, or do I just love teaching so much the negative doesn't really matter? I am going with the last one :)

That's it! Goodnight! I have GT training all day tomorrow, and those advanced labs aren't going to perform themselves!


  1. Hi Caitlin-
    Found you through Farley's Currently! I am a big fan of Texas. My brother is retired military and spent a large portion of his career near San Antonio. I loved going there to visit him. He moved to Conroe after he retired but just this past week moved back home to Kansas City, Missouri.
    I am with you on winning the lottery! That would be so awesome!
    Happy to be your newest follower.
    Antoinette :)

    1. Hi Antoinette! It is great to meet more fellow teachers on here. I absolutely LOVE Texas. I could never live anywhere else :)

  2. I'm going to duct tape my glue bottles too! Great idea!
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. What kind of duct tape pattern is your favorite, Lisa? I like the mustaches and the teal, and they are always bringing in new designs.

  3. Eh tu? I'm so stealing Erin's duct tape and glue idea.....even passed it on to my partner!

    My DD is heading on over to Nana and Papa's house in a few days.....ahhhhh! :-)

    Surviving Sixth Grade

    1. It is a great idea, right? As I am typing this, my three year old is trying to squirt me with imaginary water :) I keep telling them I need time to miss them!