Monday, September 2, 2013

A Peek at My Week and September Currently

Yea! Today is a holiday, so we get a nice long weekend after a full first week of school. I am doubling up the linkys today with A Peek at My Week with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings and September Currently with Oh'Boy 4th Grade.

For 5th grade Science, click on the title for a link to the activity...

No School!

Warm-Up: Lab Safety from Seeing Science Structures
Lab Tools Notes

Warm-Up: Lab Safety from Seeing Science Structures
Finish Lab Tools Notes
Diagram Notes from Science Penguin (use Ari's notes on one side of our journal, then practice on the other. Love this!)

Warm-Up: Lab Safety from Seeing Science Structures
Graphing Notes and Foldable
Graphing Lab Practice

Warm-Up: Lab Safety from Seeing Science Structures
Bill Nye Do It Yourself Science
Bill Nye Video Response
Wrap Up Warm Up

September Currently...

Listening: I love to cook for people. My team can no longer all eat all the goodness I bring them, so I am looking for great recipes to meet their new needs so I can still share what I love :)

Loving: I cannot wait o get these anchor charts started! I have found so many on Pintrest, which I finally joined after a few years of pushing from my friends. Glad I did! Feel free to follow me at Lilosmommy8014.

Thinking: I want to make sure all my new teachers are taken care of. I have one new teacher to our district, one new to our subject and one new to our district and subject. I don't want them to freak out about lessons :)

Wanting: All the foldables we put in our journals make them fat with construction paper. I am wanting colored copy paper that is cheap since it is nice and thin.

Needing: My 15 month old has been climbing out of his crib like a monkey. Right now, he is in his old pack 'n' play until we find a more permanent solution. We are open to suggestions. He is not ready for a toddler bed, unless we get the time to train him to stay in it. The crib is as low as it goes, and my aunt suggested we drill new holes to make it go even lower. We will see how this goes...

Loving: I love teaching science and I am happy to be at work again :)

Join in on the linky fun, and have a great week!


  1. I love your listening.. what types of recipes are you looking for? Maybe I can share some love! :)
    Happy Monday!
    ~Miss McDonald

    1. Thanks, Miss McDonald! I have been looking for yummy gluten free for a few and some diabetic for some others that people who are and are not on these diets can appreciate. I would love to share if you have any!