Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy, Busy with Physical Science and Peek at my Week

Wow! I guess I am not going to get the chance to blog but on the weekends with school as busy as it is :)

As many of you have read, I wanted to redesign our science interactive notebooks this year. I had seen how many other teachers had done it and how I was currently doing it. We don't really have a textbook for 5th grade in Texas that is useful (ours is from '00-'0ish and still have some VERY old standards in it), so our notebook is what we create as our resource. Most students take a lot of pride in making it nice and neat and accurate. So this year I am doing a left side/right side notebook. On the left we put notes, foldables, observations, and then on the right we put diagrams, data tables, graphs, and write out answers to questions that show what we know.

With this new style, I am having to re-write EVERY single notebook entry, which is worth it, but very time consuming. Since I do most of my planning with my teacher buddy on Thursday, and we almost always have notebook entries on Mondays, I am always typing away on the computer during my kids nap time on the weekends or on Sunday evenings if we just had too much fun playing.

That being said, here are two new ones for forms of energy and light.

I won't really have my Peek at my Week because...we go to camp next week for 3 days! Woo hoo!

We will be watching The Incredibles this week on Monday and Tuesday analyzing superpowers to help us collect some info for our Physical Science Superhero Project. Are you doing the same? Here is the page I made to go with the movie, just for you!