Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bell Schedule and November Currently Linkys

I am joining Thank God It's First Grade for a Schedule Linky. I love seeing how everyone in different grade levels and the same grace levels have completely different schedules.

Here is what a 5th grade science teacher schedule looks like in an intermediate school in Texas.

I have 120 students between 4 classes. One is a regular education class, then I have one pre AP class and 2 co-teach science classes. We had so many SPED kids in the Gen ED setting we had to double up the Science and Social Studies co-teach classes on my team.

Panther time is a 55 minute built in intervention time. I have the kids in my classroom who do not need intervention during the 9 week session so they are doing think tanks in my room. Read more about think tanks here.

I can't wait to see what other teacher's schedules look like!

I am also linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade for our November Currently. I think I missed was so long ago :)

Click the picture for a delicious Sweet Potato Pie recipe!

Happy November!


  1. I could use a personal grader that works for peanuts. My grader wants dinner served before 7, but at least he will grab a stack of papers when he finishes the dishes! Lol! He cut two hours worth of lamination today because he couldn't help with the grade cards. He is a keeper.

  2. I mentioned grading in my post tonight too!!! It is the bane of my teaching existence! Ha. Now, I know grading first grade papers is probably easier than grading middle school science, but still!
    Kickin' It With Class

    1. I try to grade as much together in class as possible. Is that even a possibility with first graders?

  3. I teach in a 7-12 school and we do modified block. Four blocks a day that alternate each day is a little tough at the beginning of the year. Kiddos catch on quick, but it can be rough if you have a heavy load on one day and light load the next. You begin to dread every other day!

    Miss A's Planning

    1. We used to be on a block schedule. We would have 90 minutes of science every other day with the kids and they would have Social Studies the other day. It was hard trying to see kids on that schedule. I don't envy your schedule, Tracy :)